The Last Ones

“There’s nothing you can do about it,” Pierre lit a cigarette and stuck it between his teeth without inhaling for a while. “Nope. Nothing we can do at all,” He exhaled a large plume into the frigid morning air. It was the first day of November. “We could intervene. It might not be too late,” […]

A Pointless Tale About Nothing – Part 76

Little Tommy fell into the well. He didn’t mean to, it just happened. “Look at little Tommy here. What a screw up, falling into the well just like that. So careless!” a sewer gremlin remarked. Tommy was sitting on the rim of a rusty pipe going somewhere far, far away. Above him, the twenty-foot drop […]

Life of Lise Zai – Part 46 – The Map

They were lost. Reginald didn’t know how to break this to everyone, but they were lost. He was absolutely certain of that. He looked across at the other ship, close to him, but far enough that everyone was safe from a tragic collision. Tian stood silently at the wheel, looking straight ahead. Reginald wondered what […]

A Pointless Tale About Nothing – Part 75

“You know, if you step inside the porta-potty, you’ll find yourself in the Wizarding World.” “That’s a load of –” “Now I know what you’re going to say,” the superintendent held up his hand as if to physically stop my train of thought. “You’re just going to have to trust me on this one. Believe. […]

The Sight

This story takes place on the moon, twenty-nine years, seven months, and twelve days into the future. I don’t remember it too much. Every day, the series of events fades gradually, and I begin to forget things. At first, I think they are not very important details. Then, I begin to forget key points, the […]