Sixty Stories About Sixty Storeys – Unit 2101

“Heyhowsitgoingitsyourboymistermaximillionthanksamillionherewithanewupdatefory’allfromacrossthepondnowhowaboutyouchimeinwithyourcallswerecurrentlytakingguestsforthenexttwelveyearsandsevenseceondsandeightmonthsattheeclipseofthenextfullmoonandthetransitofsaturnifonlyyouknew- -canneverevergothatwayneveragainbutifyousaysoicanmakeitworkmakeitsoyoudonthavetoworryaboutneverhavingthebestideasandthebestsolutionstodifficultsituationsanddifficultproblemsbutonlyifyoulistenverycarefullyandverytentatively,butthatsnottherightwordnotthewrightwordatallbutneveryoumindthatjustshutupandlistencarefully…” To go to the next floor, you must first answer me these three questions, else you become the next victim in our great ordeal. The first question is: What is 2+2×2? The second question is: If you were a Frenchman, what kind of baguette would you shove up – The third question is: […]

Sixty Stories About Sixty Storeys – Unit 2001

A space odyssey. A space Iliad. Space Jam. Space marmalade. Marmalade skies and pies warm was summer. Lucy in that sky with illegally-mined diamonds. Before it was all fun and games, there used to be hard working Americans in this colony. That was before the great famine, the great war, and the great pestilence, not […]

Sixty Stories About Sixty Storeys – Unit 1801

Chadwick Chase chugged along with the Charleston in the background. Change is good, but charging your phone is better. The Chinese had a saying, but they don’t say it anymore. It went something like this: Because there’s nothing better to do than belaying the best breakfast through the brass bracket, Brandon never said he had […]

Sixty Stories About Sixty Storeys – Unit 1701

“I don’t care what kind of chocolate that gun is shooting out, point the damn thing away from my face!” But the intruder did no such thing. He reloaded and blasted another round. This time it was white chocolate, with almond bits. The deadliest ammunition of all. “Ouch! How dare you!” The occupant swung out […]

Sixty Stories About Sixty Storeys – Unit 1601

Fun fact: Our apartments didn’t even have toilets for the first few months when we moved in. You see, engineers typically flush their sewage into the ocean. But what happens if you’re in the ocean. Where does it go then? It’s not like there’s an ocean under the ocean, and all our waste can just […]